Best Of 2017


What did I use and love the most in 2017 you ask? Well even if you didn't ask I thought I'd share any who. All these items were well worn in 2017 and I found myself grabbing them over EVERYTHING else. I'm a sucker for a good pair of jeans, body care, skincare, anything sporty, and well of course Victoria Secret. The main addition to my favorites was my Bible. I dug deeper than I ever have before and started to read more of the word. Well lets get into it. 


Victoria Secret Teddy
  • This Victoria Secrets Very Sexy Teddy has been my favorite sexy piece of clothing since October. It is currently not available but there is one that is similar. The Very Sexy Quilted Satin Teddy was my second choice when I was shopping but I loved this one instead. The silver embellishment is to die for and I think it's the first time I've ever had a bodysuit from VS actually fit me properly. You can wear it with stockings as it comes with removable garters. It doesn't hurt that the Main Squeeze loves me in this suit as well. 
  • Ole Henirksen has been in my life for a couple years, but in 2017 I bought a the Traveling Wonders set that came with the Clean Truth Foam Cleanser, the Invigorating Night Transformation Gel, the Truth Serum, the Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel, and my favorite Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer. Now I already new I loved the moisturizer, but BABY when I tell you I fell in love with a skincare routine that included all of these babies, except the eye gel, boy did I FALL HARD! I noticed my skin looked brighter, glowy, and youthful. I also noticed that when I did wear makeup I didn't need to pack on foundation like I used to, because my dark spots were starting to fad. Holla for a dolla! If you haven't tried this little wonders set you need to. They even have a smaller sets if you don't want all four of these products. But I highly recommend the cleanser, moisturizer, serum, and night gel. 
  • In February of 2017 I made the decision to get back into church. It was something that had been missing from my life in a long time. I got a new Bible to help me read the word and that is the only thing that stuck. I couldn't actually find a church here in Sacramento that felt right, but I did consistenly find myself in my Bible more. I got my new Bible from Barnes and Noble and it is the Crossway ESV Bible, The UltraThin Edition that contains the New & Old Testament. If you're looking for a new Bible I would recommend this one because it's small, and easily fits in any bag I have.
  • I needed a new gym bag and Black Friday I found this Adidas Favorite Tote. HUNNY! This bag is life and when I pulled it out of the box I instantly fell in love. One the material is that easy to wipe material we all love in gym bags, it has inside pockets for just about everything (little things & even a laptop), it is expandable, ooh and it turns into a backpack! Can we say the most perfect bag ever. I cant wait to use this as my carry on when I travel as well. You can fit your whole life in this bag and still have room for more. It's definitely a must have if you are a gym/fitness nut. FIY: They just released it in White as well. 
  • Hello golf. Since I don't have golf clubs yet, and well if I did they wouldn't had fit in this photo, I choose to put in some golf balls. Now the balls themselves aren't my favorite but the game of golf has slowly become a favorite over the last couple months in 2017. The Main Squeeze turned me on to golf and I thought I'd never life golf but somehow he got me to like it. The goal in 2018 is to get a pair of clubs so me and the boo can play together :). If you have any recommendations do leave them below in the comments. 
  • Aromatherapy has never been my thing but working at Bath and Body Works made me fall in love. Bath and Body Works relaunched their Aromatherapy line with lots of new goodies and Vanilla + Patchouli became my favorite scent real fast. It is called Comfort because of the two essential oils that it contains helps to calm the mind (Vanilla) and create a sense of harmony (Patchouli). The whole line is to die for. From the body butter, pillow/body mist, shower gel and my ultimate favorite the walnut body scrub. Go by your local store and give a a big smell
Sweater Weather
  • I'm a sucker for a good pair jeans and in 2017 I wore these two the most. My Levi 714 Straight jeans I talked about in a previous post but just it again they are hands down my favorite jeans ever and I lucked out on finding them in the Folsom Levi Outlet store. Now my new favorite pair of skinny jeans are the Madewell 8" Skinny Jeans in Carbondale wash. I never had a pair of black jeans and these are my first Madewell Jeans. I'm so in love with the feel and fit that I want more Madewell jeans! You can see these in my last fashion post Sweater Weather

What were some of your 2017 Favorites?