Inspiring Simplicity

Inspiring Simplicity : Nikki's Haven
Inspiring Simplicity : Nikki's Haven
Inspiring Simplicity : Nikki's Haven
Top | H&M      Bralette |  Victoria Secret       Skirt |  Nordstrom       Heels |  SIMILAR

Top | H&M      Bralette | Victoria Secret      Skirt | Nordstrom      Heels | SIMILAR


As I've gotten older my life has seemed to get more complicated, yet become more simple all at the same time. Yes, I question how this is possible quite often, but I realized that adulting is the complicated part and everything else is pretty simple. 

Life's complicated, so I try to make other things as simple as possible. My morning routine starts with a daily devotional, coffee, and journaling. Keeping my morning routine as simple as possible has kept me grounded, open minded to the day's possibilities, and it starts my day on a positive note. Taking time to reconnect with yourself is something I believe most of us miss out on in everyday life. When we are younger we lived more in the moment, and didn't really care about what lied ahead. It was all about having fun, enjoying the parties, concerts, and friends that were in that moment. As we become older, adulting takes over and it's a constant cycle of, bills, 10 year plans, and what's next. Make sure to take time to wind down, start your day off right, or just simply disconnect. Making a part of your day simple will go a long way for both your mental and physical health. 

I've always been a lover of fashion. Even though I'm a proclaimed a tomboy, I have an inner supermodel that's always screaming to be shown. As the years have gone by my wardrobe has actually gotten a tad bit smaller, and has less "trendy" items. I stick to the basics; v-neck tees, blue jeans, little black dresses, and edgy leather jackets. But hey, that supermodel inside tends to come out in fashion post like these. I take the time to mix the simplicity of my everyday life with a little bit of "diva superstar". Vintage jumpsuits, wide brim hats, strappy stilettos, and a BEAT FACE take away from a little bit of my simplicity but I find that it doesn't come out often. On an every day basis you will find me in jeans, sneakers, and a simple tee.  

                                                                                       How do you keep things simple in your life?