Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette

June 2016 at Olympic Trials I had the pleasure of meeting a BADASS woman. Nicole Antoinette exuded a confidence that just made me want to know more, be around her, and talk to her about everything possible. On beautiful evening in a Eugene vine covered bungalow backyard, I fell in love with a soul that could become my sister-friend for forever days. 

When Nicole asked me to be apart of her Season 8 podcast of Real Talk Radio, of course I threw my hand up in a ecstatic fashion like only a 5 year old would. After it sunk in I had to ask myself, "what in the world am I going to talk about, what do people even really want to know about me?" I was lost, and just unaware of how "awesome" I was until Nicole had to remind me. Everyone wants to listen to a story, anyone who listens to the podcast will understand that it's real talk, and not a pretty and immaculate still picture. 

I ran with it, I ran with the idea of I'm not this supermodel pictured in a Givenchy advertisement. I'm rough around the edges, have been through the ringer in life, on the track, and have something to say. I hadn't fully gone through my "emotional challenge" that happened in deep sleep on December 31st, 2016, but I still can look back on that podcast and say I was in a happier state that day. 

I want to thank Nicole for allowing me to share my past, the inner workings of my self-doubt, giving me a chance to laugh, tell a story, and grow. If you haven't listened to the podcast do so HERE. It's a long one, so take it with you on the way to work, a long run, or workout.