Coffee Conversations


Happy New Years Eve! It is currently 5:45am and I have just boarded my flight to Salt Lake City. I thought it would be a great time to one, blog because I am so behind and haven’t posted in a while. But also because it’s the end of the month and it’s time for another coffee conversations post. Like I said last month this series is a time to reflect back on the whirlwind of the month and to talk to you all about what goes on behind the scenes of my life. 

December of course started as fast is November ended. I went from working and getting ready for Black Friday in the retail world to getting ready for every weekend to be big leading up to Christmas. Retail isn’t forgiving during the holidays but I’m not complaining because I enjoy who I work with and making a customers day.  

When we pull away from the work life, my life seemed to be dull. There was very little that I got to experience other then family, loved ones, and lots of runs/workouts at the crack of dawn. As things started to wind down, Christmas came and went. I couldn’t have been happier this Christmas as I got to spend time with my family and experience my nieces first Christmas. It still blows my mind that she is almost 3 months and growing so fast. After Christmas one thing I did get to enjoy and started to fall back in love with was YOGA!

Yoga is one of my undercover loves. I had totally forgot how much yoga one, helps me with running, but two it also blankets me in a calm spirit that truly makes me happy the rest of the day. I was stumbling through Instagram like we all do and ran across Wanderlust TV‘s AD about 21 days of Yoga via their website. I jumped on it and can’t wait to start each morning from January 1st to the 21st with some yoga. There of course will be lots of 2018 plans but I’ll tell you about those soon in another post. 

As the year is ending I do want to thank you all for being supportive, following, and reading even though I have been so spotty this year on my blogs. I’m not making a commitment to a certain number of blogs in the 2018 year but I will make a commitment to consistent quality content. Have a great New Years and be safe! Talk to you in the new year ;).  


xoxo, Nikki