Positive Habits to Start Your Day


As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to be more aware of how I start my day. When I was younger I’d wake up, start the day, and just let things roll in place. All hoping that the day would be positive, instead of starting the day off positive. But as time has passed I’ve consciously taken the time to start each day as a positive one. Now that might look a little different each day, but all in all my intention to be positive and have a great day stays the same. If you're on a quest to start your day off in a positive light, here are some of my personal favorite ways to start my day.

  • Wake up slowly with a big cup of coffee
  • Make your bed daily
  • Start your day with yoga
  • Find a quiet moment in the day for self reflection
  • Take a stroll outside
  • Laugh more throughout the day
  • Declutter your life, no matter what form that is in
  • Do some sort of act of kindness for someone you don't know
  • Come up with a word of affirmation in the morning
  • Detach from your phone/social media for at least one hour in the day
  • Notice the little things around you, and appreciate them

Do you have any daily positive habits?