Fall Bucket List

Nikki's Haven | Fall Season

Hello Fall! I'm so excited it's finally fall. This is my favorite time of the year; Not just because of the weather, but because of all the other great things that come with the season. Besides weather, this season brings pumpkin patches, hay rides, EVERYTHING Halloween, and ooo fall coffee! What am I ecstatic about though? That feeling fall gives you; you know what I'm talking about. The cozy, warm, fuzzy feeling you get when the leaves start to change and you get to pull out all your knit sweaters. This time of the year definitely makes me feel nostalgic for North Carolina. The crisp morning air, the ones that required me to wear my comfy Carolina Blue crew neck to class. I miss those Friday's before football games where the campus was covered in yellow, orange, and brown leaves. Those were the good ol' days. You can see why Iā€™m so in love right?

Time has gotten away from me this year, and I could have sworn it was June just yesterday. I wanted to take the time to slow down and reconnect with myself. I want to enjoy what this season has to offer like I used to when I was a tad bit younger. So why not make a bucket list to get me going? While I won't be doing all these things immediately, there are a few on the list that I'm excited to start with. Making my fall book list, carving pumpkins, and going to the pumpkin patch are all main priorities with it of course being the month of Halloween :). I'd love to know what's on your Fall Bucket List, and what you are most excited about doing first? I'm always down for adding new items to the list. 

Fall Bucket list-2.png