Color Correcting For Beginners

This spring and summer seem to be revolving around two makeup trends. One being highlighting and the other color correcting. Highlighting hit the roads running last yer and has continued to grow like wild fire, but this year pro-makeup artist are spilling about color correcting and makeup companies are launching more and more products geared towards the trend.

A lot of people have asked me recently well do I need to color correct? And honestly it all depends on what you want to correct on your face. Color correcting is a just a form of concealing, and if you already conceal your face like crazy then why not try color correcting. You do not have to put every color on your face. Each color works for different things and even different skin tones.

Pink Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

o you have dark circles? If you are one that suffers from dark circles and have fair skin then this is the color you can use to combat those bags. If you don't want to buy a color correcting product for this then make sure your concealer has a pink tint to it. This will help cancel out those dark circles as well.

If you feel your face is lacking luster, many of us want to just highlight the crap out of our face. But if you have a light skin tone using the pink corrector will help the dullness of you skin. It will ultimately put some life in your skin tone before adding your foundation. 

Yellow Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

or all my ladies who deal with redness this color is your best friend. Yellow is used to combat mild redness. This isn't for my roseacia ladies, but if you have any type of hormonal redness around your nose and mouth then use any yellow corrector to say bye bye to having to use a ton of concealer over your foundation. Again this will work with a yellow based conceal if you have one already.  

Green Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

y ladies with roseacia and intense redness this is your new best friend. This corrector will help all that pesky redness go away. Use it under your foundation not on top! You don't need to completely cover all the redness, just lightly cover the redness so when you add your foundation it will conceal it.  

Red Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

ow this may seem like such ridiculous color to correct with, but for all my deeper skin tone ladies that want to get rid of dark circles or dark spots this is the color you need to use. I have used it to cover some of my pesky acne dark spots and it works wonders! 

Peach Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

his color covers dark spots as well but for my light to medium skin tone ladies. I've seen a couple people use this under their foundations and it seems to work. They have told me that they did not have to use extra concealer after applying their foundation and hey, that's what we are all looking for. Less steps to a perfect skin tone.  

Orange Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

ight to medium skin tones can use this for their dark circles and my dark skin tone ladies can use this for dark spots. Same applies for this corrector, use under your foundation! 

Lavendar Color Corrector | Nikki's Haven

That one pesky color that seems so out of place as a use for my medium skin tone ladies. If you have dullness you can use this to bring life back to your face instead of highlighting for the Gods. Well if you still want to highlight that much by all means SLAY BAE!  

Below I have selected a couple of new products that have come out for color correcting. If anyone has used theses leave comments below with your review. Also if you have a color correcting product you swear by leave them in the comments as well! Us makeup junkies and even artist are always looking to find out what works for different skin types/skin tones.  

Sephora + Pantone palette

Sephora + Pantone palette

Smashbox Correcting Sticks 

Smashbox Correcting Sticks 

Benefit Color Correcting Kit  

Benefit Color Correcting Kit  

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid