10 Winter Date Night Ideas

10 Winter Date Night Ideas

I find winter date night one of the best times during the winter months. Most of the time during the spring and summer you find yourself outside enjoying the great weather with your significant other. During the winter it's time to cuddle up, enjoy each other's company, and come up with date night ideas that keep you warm and cozy. 

1. Game Night: Grab a board game, sit in front of the fire and have fun. This is one of the funniest things you can do on date night. Not only do you get to spend time with each other but you get to play old childhood games and laugh about everything your partner might be trying to do to "cheat". 

2. Ice Skating: I have never been ice skating but it sure does look like a ton of fun. Grab your mate, head to the closest skating rink and have some fun this winter. Make sure to bundle up, either outside of inside skating rink, you want to be warm. I also helps to bring gloves, a beanie, and a scarf. If you fall you butt will be sore, or so I have heard. 

3. Romantic Night In: Not spending money, cooking dinner together, or for him/her is one of the best ways to spend date night. I'm all about taking time to further learn from and about your partner. Talking over dinner and drinking a nice glass a wine is a big check on my list any night of the week. 

4. Go to the Theater: No not the movies, but the theater. Go see a play, an opera, or whatever else  might be in the theater at the time. Many times this idea isn't even thought of. Get dressed all fancy, enjoy each other at the show and have a new memory to share later down the road. What show is on my bucket list? I would love to see The Lion King play.  

5. Day Trip to the Snow: Date night doesn't always have to be at night. Take a day trip up to the snow, or plan a fun weekend. Enjoy the snow with him/her and then get to get away from the hectic life around you both. I have a love for snow, cabins, and cuddling up in front of a fire. Make snow angels, have a snowball fight, and then get inside to enjoy hot cocoa in front of a wood fire. 

6. See the Arts: Head to the museum. I have a thing of seeing art and appreciating the work that someone else took time to create. This is a great way to stay warm on a cold winter day and also expand your knowledge about pieces that you may not see in your everyday life.   

7. Have a Dance Party: No, no, no. You don't invite your friends over. Grab your partner, turn on the radio, pandora, or iTunes radio and dance your lives away. Again, enjoy each others laughs, have fun creating new dance moves, and getting to spend a cold, rainy, or snow day inside having fun.  

8. Go Bowling: Ahh, bowling. One of my favorite past times, and childhood memories. You can't go wrong with bowling for date night. A little competitive juices flowing are always great to add to the relationship from time to time. 

9. Make Something Together: Yes, you can make dinner, but what about going to a pottery class, or a wine and draw class. Have fun and do something different when it comes to making something together. There are so many groupons and events that allow couples to take part in fun classes that give you a chance to make something. Why not? You might even make something you really love. 

10. Coffee and a Stroll: Not raining, not snowing, not below 40 degrees outside? Great! Grab a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop and go take a walk. Talk about your week, upcoming trips, and dreams, while you enjoy the landscape. Bundle up, and just enjoy what nature has given you on that day. Fresh snow is great to look at, so get out and stroll.