Let's Talk Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion for Your Closet

Happy Sunday! I thought I'd talk a little fashion today, because I've been planning like crazy for fall fashion post recently. Even though the weather seems to look like it's not changing anytime soon here in Northern California. I have been obsessed with everything that's starting to come out for the fall season. Over the last year or so I have started to gravitate towards filling my wardrobe with more basic and classic pieces. I've learned that my trendy pieces don't last past two seasons, than they just sit in my drawers untouched. 

Fast fashion is what they call it; you know, they retail and fashion industry. Super trendy pieces that are made once and not restocked. A lot of online retailers have this if they aren't selling collection pieces from designers. Fashion designers such as Christian Louboutin makes his classic pump every season and it will always be restocked. But when he makes a heel that is strappy, jeweled up, or printed with a certain design it's only in for that season. When this happens you get online retailers and some smaller shopping mall retailers jump on the trend. These designer inspired pieces are apart of fast fashion. a set quantity is made and that's it. Sold out? Don't even think about contacting customer service about a restock, it probably wont happen. 

So what should go in your closet? It's okay to get a couple of trendy pieces, but make sure it fits in your wardrobe. If you believe that 70's inspired mini skirt is going to fit into your wardrobe for longer than this fall season grab it. If you think you will only wear it for the next month and a half, than its not worth it. Pick up that denim top though, because that can be worn anytime of the year and will always be in style. 

What are some of your cravings for this upcoming fall season?