10 Ways To Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

10 Ways to Come up with Blog Post Ideas

One of the biggest struggles I've had with blogging as definitely been trying to make sure I come up with great content. And making sure that content is relevant to my readers, the season, or what's going on around me at the moment. These 10 things keep my juices stirring for the most part, and keeps away writings block for as long as possible. Leave your suggestions in the comments if you have any. 

Every Day Life is one of the main things I pull from when I am thinking of a blog post idea. There are so many things around us that are relevant to what we want to write about. Just open your eyes and ears and you'll be amazed at what creative juices start to flow. 

Always Have a Note Pad or Your Phone around you. I am always getting inspired by the things around me, especially when I am not at my desk. So I make sure to either have a not pad in my purse or a designated note page in my iPhone6 that is just for blog ideas. You'll be surprised how handy it actually comes in handy. 

Inspiration From Others is probably one of the biggest things I use for ideas for post. I have so many creative friends that I surround myself with that when we start talking, ideas start to flow. Another source is Pinterest and the bloggers you follow. These two things are a great source of inspiration for new blog post. 

Read, Read, Read. The more you read the more knowledge you gain. I am always reading. Either that be the months current fashion magazine, or the new up and coming thriller novel. Reading makes your brain work, the more it's working, the more ideas will come. They didn't lie to us in school when they said "knowledge is power."

What Are You Loving at the Moment? I tend to talk about things that I'm loving at that very moment. From food, music, and all the way up to running shoes. If you love something, share it with your readers. Most likely they are loving the same thing, or never had a clue about it. 

Photos Speak 1000 Words. Sometimes you just don't have the words. I can write a post for months and it will never fall into place. So I usually end up turning that post into a photo gallery. If you can't get your vision out there in words, photos always help define what you are feeling or thinking at the moment. 

Trends are probably one of the easiest to talk about on a post. One, they are all right there for you months in advance, and two, you can pick and choose which ones fit your brand and readers the most. 

List It. Just as i am doing here, there are plenty of list you can come up with to help or entertain your readers. '8 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Eating Your Shoes', '5 Ways to Style Third Day Curls', or whatever you want to make a list. Have fun with this one, it will never get old. 

Let Them Know Who You Are. Share some random facts with your readers, or share things that only friends and family know. By letting your readers get to know you better, you begin to create authentic feelings with them. You're just a robot spewing out blog post, show your personality!

If It's Not Broke Don't Fix It. Have you had a blog post, or currently have a blog post that is a crowd favorite? Well, make another post about it. Make a part 2, update the information if you have more, let your latest readers know about this great post, or just repost it. If it's doing well, there's nothing wrong with bringing it up again.