How to Clean Your Keurig

Last week I decided to clean my Keurig and while I had just finished I thought, "oh man I should of snapped photos of the process." Well since I totally forgot to do mine, I headed over to my job and cleaned the one there. Since at work we probably go through at least 15 or more cups of coffee and tea in a week, it was a much needed clean. Since I wasn't able to fully get all the pictures of the process I hope you all can follow along to my steps below. They are pretty simple and will work on any Keurig you have. 

How to Clean Your Keurig
How to Clean Your Keurig
How to Clean Your Keurig
  1. Take out any water filter you may have.  
  2. Fill your water reservoir with half distilled white vinegar and water. 
  3. Make hot water cups until your Keurig ask you to add more water.  
  4. Empty out your tank and release your filter cup. 
  5. Clean both with hot soapy water.  
  6. Wipe down your Keurig with damp cloth.  
  7. Put filter cup back inside your Keurig.
  8. Fill water tank with tap water and repeat step 3.  
  9. Put in a new water filter and fill tank with water again. Then your done.

Hope these are clear and simple steps. If you need any clarification don't be shy and post a comment!