Glam Glow SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cleanser Review


Hello Sexy! As most of you know already I have been obsessed with the GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser. Since I have been using it for a month or so I thought I would give you all an official review of the product. I picked up mine from Sephora, after getting a mini consultation from my go to girl Allie. I was also curious about this because I am in love with the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, and thought I would feel the same about the cleanser. And well all I have to say is, I STINKING LOVE THIS STUFF! If you've read my recent post about my new skincare routine, you know that I plan on keeping this daily clearing cleanser in my routine for a very long time. 

The cleanser claims to dissolve makeup, oil, and impurities. I can agree with them when it comes to oil and impurities, but I do not agree with them on the makeup part. I tried to use the cleanser to take help take off my full face of makeup from a day of filming videos and well, let's just say it was a big mess. It did help break some makeup down, but to me it just pushed my makeup all around and didn't actually take it off. So I would recommend to use a makeup remover to get the bulk of your makeup off, then go in with the cleanser. The mud to foam formula works wonders with my skin. I have dry to normal skin, and when applying the cleanser to my face it acts as a light exfoliant. I love that it has a little grit to it because then I know it's actually removing my dead skin. Once I start to add water and the cleanser begins to foam, I can feel a slight tingle from the clay. It's working ladies, it's really working, and I truly get excited after each wash. 

It says to use one to two pumps on dry fingertips, and gently massage onto your dry skin. You don't need two pumps of this. One pump works perfectly fine for me and there is plenty of product to cover your whole face. I only have one complaint about the pump. Once you actually pump the product into your hand and get to the good stuff, the next time you go to use your cleanser the product doesn't come out! Now I noticed it is because the pump actually doesn't come all the way up after you pump the product out. Make sure to pull the pump all the way up after using it. 

After a month or so of use I can truly say I have noticed a big difference in my skin overall. I added the SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cleanser to the night portion of my routine because I feel like its better to pull all the junk off my face at the end of the day. I have yet to be disappointed with how my skin feels, looks and is starting to clear up week after week. I really want to try the POWERCLEANSE Daily Dual Cleanser next, since I have been told but nothing great things about it from my brother's girlfriend Stephanie. If you have used any of the daily cleansers make sure to share your experience down in the comments.