This or That | iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6

Okay okay, it's getting close to my upgrade and well my birthday as well. So what better way to spoil myself, but with a new phone. Currently I have the iPhone5 and find nothing wrong with it. Now I love Apple and I will never go back to PC or Andriod, that's just my prefrence. 

One, I'm mainly upgrading because well, why not. Two, I am in real need of more gigs. Right now I have the iPhone5 with only 16GB. How do I survive? Well, let's just say I am uploading to my computer and deleting things ALL THE TIME. My main question now is which phone do I get? I'm a sucker for the gold and and can't wait to use the touch ID feature, but the price tag on the 5s just looks so much more appealing. If you have switched from the 5s to the 6, did you truly notice a difference from camera quality and the faster processor? That is the only true difference I can see from one to the other, well minus the larger screen. Now I just feel like I will always have my head phones in to talk since I just believe the iPhone6 is like putting a chocolate bar on your face. 

Now give me your recommendations down below and let me know which one you like and why. I will be letting you all know via Instagram and Twitter which one I ended up picking up next month.