Top 3 Favorite Drugstore Makeup Companies

As we get older we all gravitate towards higher end makeup companies, but as we can all remember we had go to drugstore loves. As I started to go through my current makeup collection, I was hit with the realization that I still have my go to drugstore products. Those products I still til this day will buy over high end products. My favorite drugstore brands are: 


CoverGirl: Hands down my favorite drugstore mascara formulation.  

Maybelline: My go to for gel eyeliner, eyebrow products, eyeliners, and concealers. 

L'oreal: Another go to for eyeliners but I'm in love with the TrueMatch products and need to go get more. I run out a lot.  

Thought I'd give honerable mention to NYX & Revlon because I tend to gravitate towards them for lip products and eyeshadow. I don't do this a ton but when I do I am never let down in a product.