Can This Be It | Skincare Routine Update

Nikki's Haven Updated Skincare Products

Alright it's about time I updated you all on what my skin has been doing and what new skin care I have added to my routine. Now if you've been following my skincare troubles since last year then you know I've struggled with finding products, as well as a routine that I've been happy with. If you haven't been following me for that long, make sure to check out my other skincare posts HERE. Now I can say I maybe need to just go to a dermatologist to get my skin truly diagnosed, but I have self diagnosed my skin like many of us do.

For a quick review of how my skin has transformed. All through my teen years I was pegged with acne, hormonal breakouts, and oily skin. This continued through my early 20's, but my acne breakouts were limited to just hormonal by then. Last year I hit the grand age of 25 and literally two months later my skin started to go haywire on me. Now I was never the one to believe that at 25 your body starts to change as a women. Well, I sure was wrong. I was no longer an oil ball, and I actually started to have a ton of dry patches on my face! That started my new skincare search and it was still in full effect up until recently. 

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YES, I think I found my set skincare routine, and to my surprise it's pretty simple. Some of the products I have only been using for a couple of weeks, but along with my old routine I have tweaked it enough that I've started to notice a drastic change in my skin. Even my co-workers have said something, and I don't know about you, but when someone compliments my skin that must mean I am doing something right. My routine consist of 6 products, and is probably the least amount of products I've used in a couple of months. So, you don't need a ton of products to have a routine. Let's get into the steps:


  1. I am usually up pretty early to start my day. I'm either getting in a morning run or going to yoga class, so initially, I am not washing my face. I wakeup, roll out of bed, and into the bathroom to brush my teeth, splash some cold water on my face and of course use the potty. The splash of cold water on my face is to wake me up, and also make sure there's no extra sleep in my eyes before I head out the door. 
  2. After I get back from exercising I jump in the shower and wash my face with my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I love this stuff and it has yet to have left my routine from the start of my skincare revamp. 
  3. Once my face is washed and I'm out the shower, I proceed to my new skin softener, or as I like to call it "a much better toner". I picked up a sample of the Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate after talking to my go to girl Allie a couple of weeks ago in Sephora. She recommended this for me because I told her that I deal with some dry patches. Since she knows my routine and how my skin has been acting, she said that the Ibuki Softening Concentrate would be better because it wouldn't deplete my skin after using it. It is the best toner I have used, and I cant wait to go get the full size once I'm done with my sample. 
  4. Now that my skin has finally been washed, and softened, I make my way to the best smelling moisturizer ever! Again Allie recommend the Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF 18, and gave it to me as a sample so I do not have the full size yet, but I am in love and never turning back. It has SPF 18 in it which I need since I'm always in the sun, either coaching or working out. I also love that it's light weight and you don't need a ton of it for your face to feel moisturized. Oh, and did I mention it smells freaking amazing! 


  1. My night routine is just as simple as my morning. If I've worked out or not, the routine stays the same. I take my shower and enjoy the hot water for probably longer than I should, but it also helps open my pores. After my shower I grab my GlamGlow SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser with such excitement you'd think I was going to Disney World. This stuff is now a HOLY GRAIL item and I have no clue how and why I never got it when it first came out. GlamGlow is one of my new favorite skincare companies, and if you have yet to give them a try I highly recommend doing so. I promise you will not be disappointed and your skin will love you for it. I will be doing a further review on this cleanser in a couple of weeks :).
  • Now since this next step isn't an everyday step I decided to insert it here as an intermediate step. I use my First Aid Beauty Purifying Mask with Red Clay only 2 times a week. I have done a review on this so if you want further details make sure to follow this LINK

2. Once the mask is off and my skin feels like a fresh baby's bottom, I go ahead and use my Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate

3. Even though my face is now all clean, dry, and PH balanced restored, I have to make sure that it gets some loving care from yet another GlamGlow product. I use the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment to give my skin that extra something; and yes, I use this every night. You honestly don't need a ton of this mask so don't freak out at the $69 dollar price tag. It will literally last you forever. If you're a cheap steak like me, then they have a $19 mini size that I have picked up so I can travel with it as well. You have the option to leave this on, or wipe it off after about 5-10 minutes but, I just keep it on and go to sleep. When I wake up my face looks like a glowing goddess! 

I hope you all have found your set skincare routine. I know I don't have an eye cream in my routine, but I guess I'll wait until my 30's to start worrying about a new area on my face. What are some of your favorite skincare items at the moment?