How and Why to Create a Business Plan for Your Blog

Back in December while I was planning for my blog launch, I made sure to create a business plan. After seeing so many people rave about how it had helped them with the vision of their business and even blogs, I thought that it might help me. After weeks of putting my business plan together I was relieved, and felt super accomplished. Now that I have had my website up and running for 3 months now, I have learned that my goals and promises have fallen short. 

How and Why to Create a Business Plan for Your Blog

I wanted my website to be a consistent stream of information for all of my readers, but I forgot that I have a job outside of running my website. I also lost the passion and inspiration to create quality content, until this past Friday. What changed? Well I pulled out my business plan and decided to re-read what I had put down. I haven't looked at my business plan since December, and I'm so glad I did Friday. Re-reading my plan put my goals for where I want to see my blog back into perspective.

Now let's talk about how and why you should create your own business plan for your blog!


They why is real simple. As you can see I had totally lost focus and vision on where my blog was headed. The content I was creating started to become generic and that's not what I wanted out of my website. So when creating your business plan write a mission statement that you are proud of and can refer back to when stuck in a rut. Having your business plan on hand will give you the reasurrance that you are on the right track and still creating the content YOU  want for your audience. 


Now I'm not going to sit here and lie to you all. I am no expert in configuring a business plan. I was lucky enough to stumble across the fabulous Regina. If you haven't been to her site you are missing out on a ton of great content. Not only did her "How to Write a Blog Business Plan (The Guide for Champions)" help me break down everything I wanted my blog and website to be, but she also helped me create my Style Guide. So go over to her site, take a look around and start creating the content you want!