Is Retinol The Answer?

I have been seeing a lot of things popping up recently about retinol. Now i can truly say I knew little to nothing about retinol until I started reading about it more recently. I know many women swear by this "magic" ingredient, but I also have seen that it doesn't work for everyone. So I thought why not give you all the facts about retinol and what I have learned over the weeks. 

Is Retinol the Answer?

What Is It?

Retinol is derived from vitamin A, which is great for keeping healthy skin. Retinol is said to speed up cell production and collagen production, which in turns helps skin with wrinkles and aging. So yes, if you have bought any anti-aging products retinol is probably one of the main ingredients. 

Prescription vs Over the Counter

What I have learned is that retinol comes in two different forms. When I first started reading about it I thought that all retinol was the same. The only difference I believed was the difference between a prescription retinol was that is had extra ingredients to help the retinol be more effective. I have now learned that there are two different types. 

There is retinoids which is a prescription strength that works as an irritant, which in turn acts as a faster turnover of skin cells. Retinol is considered the over the counter version of retinoids, and a gentler version of vitamin A. Retinol is only available over the counter in gel or cream form, such as the RoC Retinol Night Cream that can be found at your local drugstores. Keep in mind that most over the counter retinol products might not work since they are a less powerful form of vitamin A. 


Retinol can be used to treat acne, blackheads, whiteheads, red bumps, and dark spots. Keep in mind that topical retinol may not be the answer for you but you can't go wrong with trying it. Retinoids that are prescribed by you dermatologist are more likely to help these problems if it is the right thing for you. Everyone's body reacts differently and no one product can be given to everyone, so consult with your doctor to better get an understanding of what might work for your skin. 

All in all you will never know if retinol or a retinoid prescription is right for you until you further do research and ask your doctor. I have considered using a retinol based eye cream before in the past, and I still have the idea to use it. I will let you all know if I pick one and and how it works for me. Who all has tried retinol and what have been your experiences? Let me know down in the comments.