Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Review

I'm so excited to bring to you all this review. My co-worker Stephanie is one of my favorite people to talk and laugh with about just about everything. Even though we don't work together a ton, when we do you can find us talking about makeup, gurus, music, and also just having late night delusional conversations(we work floor sets). When I saw that she had the Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter Stack I had to ask her 8,000 questions about it. After asking her I was, and still am so tempted to buy it. I thought I'd have her share with you all her thoughts and a little review on what she likes about the stack. Hope you all love her review. Follow her on Youtube Instagram.


I was hesitant on purchasing the Dark Matter stack by Melt Cosmetics for three reasons, the price seemed too much for me, I’ve never used or purchased any of their products, & mostly because I’m truly afraid of trying new things.

I decided to go ahead and buy one of the palettes (Dark Matter) because of all the positive feedback I was seeing on their Instagram Page, and also because if I want to build my makeup collection it means I have to try new things. Some, or most of Melt Cosmetics products are Vegan!

Not knowing how their shipment works, I took precautions and placed my order on a Monday. You have the choice to pay with PayPal or your credit/debit card. The stack retails for $48.00, tax was $3.60(if you live in California) & shipping was $7.00 for standard. About 2 or 3 days later the package came in; I was stund by how fast the process was. The palette came in an all black box wrapped with green and black tissue there was no presence or indication of damage or harm done to it.


The palette comes in black matte packaging and is held together by magnets located in each layer. The first layer has the Melt logo on top and on the other side a mirror. BLURR is first shadow in the stack, making it a great transition and blending shade. I sometimes like to wear it as an all over the lid shadow, pop some eyeliner and mascara and call it a day and it looks great on its own.  UNSEEN comes next, a nice medium caramel brown, perfect for deepening up the crease. ENIGMA has to be the star of the show by far & the reason I chose that palette over the LOVE STACK. A beautiful rusted red-brown as described in their page, can be applied in all types of ways even as an eyeliner! The last shadow is DARK MATTER, a deep and true black shadow & the only vegan shadow in this palette.

These shadows were created and formulated to be worn together or on their own, whether you’re creating a cut crease or smoky look. For the price I paid I am very satisfied with the shadows and will most definitely be purchasing from them again!