Confessions of a Retail Associate

Confessions of a Retail Associate

For the longest I've wanted to write this blog piece. It's not something I do all the time and I thought it would be a fun way let all the holiday shoppers in on some tips, while making a few people laugh. Share your holiday shopping tips below. 

Hello holiday shoppers. Now let's get things clear right away. I'm not doing this post as a bash to retail or saying all customers act this way, but I've been in retail for four years now and have had my share of these moments. 

During the holidays it seems like shoppers have lost thier minds. I get it, I get it, you're stressed, trying to get the best deal, and don't like to be around massive crowds. The thing is all retail associates are here to help. Yes we want you to buy our products, but the biggest thing is we want you to be happy with it. If you don't like it, most of the time we will tell you not to buy it and get something else. Well at least that's what I do.  

Rule number one: Do Not, and I repeat DO NOT make the cashiers life hell by trying to use an expired coupon. The craziest thing I've dealt with is having a customer throw a fit because I wouldn't let her use her 20% off coupon that had expired 2 weeks before. I was standing there with a line half way thru the store, all while trying to explain to her it's company policy and we can not honor the coupon. Tip- Just read your coupons before hand. Put them all in your wallet or look on apps like Retail Me Not for new ones. Easy peasy. 

Rule number two: If a retail associate greets you with a smile, don't turn your nose up and keep walking. I get it, you are in Grinch mode, but let's try not to be rude. We're here to help you get what you need as fast as possible. There are so many people I've greeted and they've walked right past me to not even know where to find what thier looking for.

Rule number three: Retail associates get fustrated to. Don't think we are holly jolly all the time. Even when we get great customers we still have those bad ones that get under our skin. Enough of those in a 30min period can put any persons mood upside down. If someone looks down, smile, still ask them for help, and you might make thier day a little better. 

Rule number four: DO NOT pull product from the back, bottom, or from behind what's in front. Unless you are dealing with clothes on a table where you have to find a certain size. There is no reason to push 8 products out the way to get the one in the back. We don't put the best ones back there, they are all the same. All you are doing is creating a total mess and problematic spills, or possibly product falling off the shelf.  

Those four tips should help you in any store. Now yes you may think that these are common sense but, no no they aren't. And to all my associates out there. Take a deep breath this holiday season. You will be asked to stay longer, you will have breaks later then you were told, your feet will hurt, and you will still have rude customers. It's the life of holiday retail, so try to make it a smooth as possible. Bring your lunch, always have snacks, coffee is your best friend, and get some good gel insoles.  

Happy holidays and happy shopping.