Highlight On Fleek

I don't know about you but I like to keep a little bit of dew on my face when the weather starts to get cooler. Summer I stay aways from highlighting anything other than my brow bone. Since I tend to produce just the right amount of oil I opt for the natural dew look. Now here comes fall and winter, where all of a sudden my face becomes drier then the Sahara Desert. I like a matte look during this time, but sometimes I want to glow. So let's talk about a trend that's taking over the beauty scene right now. Highlighters have been coming out like crazy this year and they aren't just for the high points of your face anymore. The biggest highlighting trend right now is called strobing. 

Strobing is all about using light to highlight your natural features. Strobing creates definition and gives you a dewy glowing complexion. There no contouring when you do the strobing technique. So if you don't like your face shape I would suggest you don't do this. Strobing is all about showing off YOUR face and creating a spotlight effect. I'm excited to give this technique a try in the coming fall and winter months.