2015 Beauty and Fashion Resolutions


This year I plan to have fun, try to step out of the box and not care about what others think. When it comes to beauty and fashion I can be at times pretty plain and simple, but in 2015 I finally want to explore the artsy side of myself. I know I can't be the only woman who's played in her makeup and wardrobe, trying to recreate a fashion editorial she saw in a magazine. This year I want to just explore, have fun and just live in the moment. What are some of your 2015 resolutions?

1. Add more color into wardrobe: Right now all I have is black, white, grey, and jewel tones in my wardrobe. With the occasional touch of blue or pink pieces I have I find myself never going towards them. I would love to add some fuchsia, lavenders, yellows, and greens into my collection. 

2. Buy more flats: My shoe collection is riddled with boots, heels, and sneakers. The one thing I don't have a variety of is flats. This year I plan to try to make an effort to pick up a pair of flats before diving for those combat boots that are calling my name. 

3. Create more bold makeup looks: I used to love color eyeshadows and bold eye looks, but some where along the way my life became neutrals. Don't get me wrong neutrals are great, but I miss color in my life. So my goal is to buy a colorful eyeshadow palette and go to town! 

4. Take a chance more with styling outfits: I always am afraid to pair certain items together, because of what someone might think. Well this year is a year of change. I am going to channel my inner fashion icons, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, and just have fun! be on the look out for some fun yet interesting outfits!

5. Find and stick to a skincare routine: If you have been following me you know I have been on a hunt for the perfect new skincare routine. I have found a ton of things I like and that work, but I have yet to fully commit because of price and, well I just want to try everything. The plan to to find a routine that works well together, with my schedule and stick to it.