Health and Beauty Benefits of Avocados

I used to think avocados where the nastiest thing ever. "Who wants to eat that green mushy stuff? Not me!" I remember saying this so much when I was younger, then all of a sudden, BAM I started loving avocados. I can't tell you the exact date or month but I can tell you I'm obsessed now. Over the last year I've learned that avocados are more then a great tasting veggie, but are packed with health and beauty benefits. So of course I had to share all the greatness with you. 



  1. Those are 'good fats': Most people say to stay away from avocados due to the higher calorie count and fat content, but in fact these are "good fats". Monounsaturated fats assist with lowering blood pressure and heart health. 
  2. Brain power: Avocados contains folate which helps prevent the formation of brain tangles. This is commonly what is responsible for causing Alzheimer's. With omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E, avocados can help prevent Alzheimer's from progressing. 
  3. Pregnancy: Folic acid is vital in helping with fetus development. Avocados are high in folate, providing 23% of the recommended daily value of this vitamin. 


  1. Glowing skin: I noticed when I started eating more avocados my skin started to look better. Nothing in my routine really had changed early last year because I was still a grease ball. Avocados actually contain Vitamin A, which helps remove dead skin cells from the body. So pick up an avocado and get rid of those nasty dead skin cells all over your body. 
  2. Moisturize: If you have dry skin avocados should be your best friend. Even if you have dry hair you should love avocados. The oil in avocados help moisturize and soften dry skin. They are easily absorbable, and help penetrate deep into the skin and hair shaft. I use avocados in a homemade mask for both my hair and face. 
  3. Sunburn be gone: I tend to burn, yes I burn, around my shoulders and nose in the summer. I found out that avocados could be used for sunburns because of their Vitamin E content. Avocado oil can be used as a natural sunscreen. I have only tried this once, but that day I didn't get sunburn, so it might have helped.