My Top 3 Deep Conditioners for Curly Hair

I'm pretty sure all of us naturals have struggled in finding the right products that work wonders on our curly strands. For the longest I thought that just using my standard conditioner to deep condition my hair was enough. Little did I know I was wrong and my hair wasn't getting the true moisture benefits it needed. So I started to go deep condintoner crazy. Well, when I say crazy I mean that standard product junky we all become when searching for the perfect product. 

I finally found my top 3 favorite deep conditioners though after great searching. I couldn't just talk about one of them because I honestly love them all and use them. Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, and L'oreal Paris Damage Erasing Balm are the 3 that are in heavy routine in my routine.  


This deep conditioner is hands down my favorite. I haven't found a conditioner that lets me quickly detangle my hair as fast as this one does. As it coats my strands I can automatically begin to finger comb my hair out, for extra detangling I use my wide tooth comb. Now I have used this when my hair was longer and also now that it is cut short. Regardless of length you really don't go through this product as fast. The consistency is on the thicker side, so I use about a palmful to coat all of my hair. Try using this with a heat cap and I promise you will love the results. 


aussie 3min DC.jpg

If you are looking for something that is cheap, works well, and gets the job done then I would recommend this conditioner. Now I deep condition my hair once a week, so sometimes I just don't have the time, or will power to sit in a heated cap for an hour. So this is when my Aussie 3-Minute Miracle comes in handy. I would love if this product came in a pump container or even just a bigger bottle because I go through this like water. Now compared to the Mixed Chicks the consistency isn't as thick, so I do end up using more. I do have to wait about 2 minutes or so before I can actually fully finger detangle my hair. If you are using a denman brush or wide tooth comb you should have no problem detangling right after putting it in your hair. 


I was blown away when I first tried this deep conditioner. To me it's a close dupe to the Mixed Chicks DC. For the price and for it being a drugstore product, I am a big fan. The consistency is thicker but has a whipped feeling. This is best of both worlds, as I have used it for quick DC sessions and with a heat cap for 30min-1hr. It has the same effect on my hair as the Mixed Chicks DC. Very fast acting on the detangling process which is one of my main concerns when I am doing my hair. If you are wondering about my hair type please go to my Hair 101 post. 

If you have any recommendations on deep conditioners, please leave them below to let others know what you might be liking. I would also like to know if I missed something in my search of deep conditioners.