Skincare Routine Basics

I think we've all been at that point in our lives where we bought a new skincare item and didn't know how to fit it into our routine. For the longest I would just take something out and put in the new product. Mainly because, I was scared that I was putting to much product on my face, and the other was because I was to lazy to have a long routine.


So, how you should your routine go? Here are my tips for your day and night routine, and what's been working for my now dry-normal skin.

Morning: In the morning I tend to leave it simple and follow the simple routine of, cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I've learned that this is the simplest routine before putting on makeup, or when I'm rushing in the morning. 

Cleanse: Currently I'm cleansing my face with First Aid Beauty Cleanser. This whipped formaula cleanser is probably the best I've ever used. It actually feels like it's moisturizing my face, or at least it's not stripping it. Since I'm prone to dry patches this hasn't left my face scaly and dry. 

Tone: I've used a ton of to being products. Ones that would leave my skin dry, tight, and my nose hurt from the strong alcohol scent. I've been using of course the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads and well, it's a totally different experience. My skin loves them and it's never felt as smooth, or looked as great without moisturizer.

Moisturize/SPF: Since I'm always outside I have to make sure that my moisturize has SPF. Even if the sun isn't out there are still UV rays so the importance of a great SPF moisturizer is crucial. I use Clinique's Youth Surge Age Decelertaing Moisturizer with SPF 15. I just started using this so I'm not completely sure if I'm in love yet but it has left my skin looking great even without my makeup.  

Night: At night a take a little more time to give my skin what it needs and wants. I've either got makeup on from filming Yourube videos, shooting fashion post, or it's just a ton of sweat from working out. My skin at the end of the day is definitely screaming for a good cleanse. 

Cleanse: Nothing changes at this step from my morning routine. It honestly gets all the dirt and grim off my face, along with any type of makeup I might of had on that day. So I try not to stray to far from what my face is loving. 

Exfoliate/treatment: Here's the fun part about my routine. I've been trying out a ton of treatments the last couple months and have fallen in love with a few so far. Now I don't go and do all these products in one night. Some of them change depending on what my skin needs, or what day of the week it is, but I have been loving the First Aid Beauty Purifying Face Mask, Glam Glow SuperMud mask, and the Queen Helene Mint Juelp Mask. If you want a full video of blog post on my night routine please let me know. 

Tone: After I get to have some fun peeling a mask off my face, I go back to my First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance pads. Like I said don't change what's working for your skin. 

Eye cream: This would be the next step in your routine if you've found your hands down favorite eye cream. I have yet to find one that appeals to me so I don't to this step. If any of you have suggestions, leave them below. 

Beauty oil/thicker cream: Yes, it says beauty oil. It's totally fine to put an oil on your face. Even when I was a big oil monster I used beauty oils. Now that I am prone to dry patches and parched skin I use them more and more. My favorite has to be the Josie Maran Argan oil! One of the best oils I've used and it last forever since you don't need a ton of it. When I'm not dousing my face and neck with oils I'm a faithful user of the First Aid Beauty Repair Cream. This is thick, yet light in the skin, and probably will always be in rotation in my skincare routine. Ooh I did forget, I'm using a sample of the Glam Glow ThirstyMud hydrating mask as well, and hmm lets just say it's a must buy real soon! Look out for a review in the near future.