Bridal Beauty Featuring Loverly Bridal

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. No matter what the season, theme, or what dress she is wearing, the universal thing that brides ask for is a makeup look that still makes them look like them. I was lucky enough to be asked by Loverly Bridal to come up with some bridal makeup tips. I decided to rather ask my lovely friends their opinions on bridal looks than have you all subject to my elaborate wedding day fantasy. I asked my soon to be sister-in-law, my recently married college teammate, and my younger brother's girlfriend. 


Caley is one of my teammates from college. By all means, she is one person I know I can rely on when I am in a bad mood to cheer me up. Her cheek kisses are just epic I tell you, they can turn any grey sky blue. When I was thinking of someone who could give me advice on wedding stuff, she was the first to pop into my head. She recently got married in the fall and looked effortlessly gorgeous. So I asked her to give some tips on what soon to be brides should add to their list. This is what she told me:

  1.  I would recommend a dress that is not strapless. I think that is one of the biggest "no-nos" right now for any spring or fall wedding.
  2. Makeup tip! AIRBRUSH, AIRBRUSH, AIRBRUSH! Find someone who can do this!
  3. False lashes for everyone in your wedding party.


Gina and my brother recently got engaged in Decemeber, and planning has already kicked into full swing. I'm excited to see all the great things that she picks for the big day, and to have her officially in the family. I asked her to pick a dress from the Loverly website, and give me a brief idea of what she would want on her big day. She picked the lovely Vera Wang Strapless Fit and Flare. Winter is the time of the year she and my brother have on the list of possible seasons. She wants something that will enhance her natural beauty, so I thought what better way to leave one of my favorite wedding makeup tutorials below. All my soon to be brides, no matter what season you choose this look will be great!


Now my little brother and his girlfriend Stephaine aren't getting married anytime soon, but I felt like her "dream wedding" was way more appealing than my over the top "dream wedding." So I asked her to do the same as Gina. She wants a Autumn wedding, so she is able to have it outdoors. So, when I asked her about makeup she said, "I want a matte neutral tone make-up with dramatic lashes, not like drag queen, but lashes that are full and fluffy." I thought this was great! Something different and fun. I would recommend to any bride who wants a more matte look is to keep some highlighted areas on your face. Make sure to have the inner corner of your eyes, brow bone, and cheek bones highlighted. The best highlighter on the market would be Becca's Opal Highlighter. You never want to look back on your wedding day photos and see that your face looked flat or super oily.  Stephaine loved the Enzonai gown on the Loverly site, but mentioned she would probably want a few things changed. It's totally fine if you find a dress you like and change it up. You always want to be satisfied and sometimes the dress you fall in love with needs a few style tweaks. 



**My friends, nor I, were compensated in any way. All opinions are true and honest.**