Hello Launch Day!

I'm so excited to get this website up and running. It has taken me and my team months to pull everything off. I was originally going to launch in the fall, but things were just not panning out. So I waited patiently until the first of the year to bring you my new pride and joy. There will be tons of fun new content, and there will also be weekly blog post in the fitness section of this website. I'm really excited about finally getting the ball rolling on that part of the blog as many of you know, or maybe you don't, I am a elite runner. To share what I've learned, what is happening in my training, and where I am traveling is going to be a just awesome; and I hope you all love it. 

Make sure to bookmark, follow the monthly newsletter, and share away! I'm happy to welcome all the new readers as well! Don't be shy, make sure to tweet me, leave comments and share your experiences as well.