DIY Body Melt: Gift Idea


I'm so excited to finally show you all this DIY project. If you're looking for something quick and fun for gifts this is definitely a great idea. I love these melt bars and what's great about them is they are super customizable. I chose to use lavender as my scent, but go ahead and experiment and make your own! These melt bars usually can cost a pretty penny at places like Lush but if you have Coconut oil and Vitamin E oil laying around like I do then all you have to do is buy a silicone mold and a pure oil scent. Add a few drops of food grade dye to your mix of you want it to be colorful and make sure to wrap these in wax paper and keep in a cool place before gifting, so they don't melt. Have fun and send me what you make on Instagram with the hashtag #NikkisHavenDIYDecember!

DIY Body Melts | Nikki's Haven

Ingredients: Yields 6 Snowflakes

  • 2 Cups of Organic Coconut Oil
  • 6 Drops of Vitamin E Oil
  • 4-5 Drops of Lavender Oil


  1. Melt Coconut oil in microwave safe dish for 20-25sec
  2. Stir Coconut oil to ensure all chunks are dissolved
  3. Add in Vitamin E oil and frangrance oil of your choice.
  4. Stir everything together
  5. Fill silicone mold 3/4 of the way
  6. Let stand for 2 hours at room temperature or place in fridge for 30-45 minutes until hard.

*NOTE: You can use beeswax in your mixture, but since I hate the feeling beeswax leaves on my skin I opted out of it.*