Mini Fall Haul

On Monday I couldn't help but go to the mall for a little bit of shopping. I haven't really bought clothes in a while so I found the chance to when I found 2 pairs of Slim jeans at H&M for $5 each. I was so excited when she told me the price. I thought I had picked up jeans that were $20 each. Low and behold they were both $5! That visit kick started the whole day and on I went. Next I went into Forever 21 because I was truly on a search for a Panama hat (not jeans). I found the hat pretty quickly, but as we all know Forever 21 has a magnetic hold on you when you walk into the store. I ended up also getting these cute tennie flats and a set of jeweled studs.

On to Victoria Secrets I went. This time I knew I was going to get my Free Panty because I had coupon. Did you all know that when they send you those they also have a $10 bra coupon on them, so you basically get two of them :). I was so excited about shopping I had to get a new bra. I thought after I had left VS that the shopping should continue. Ross was my next stop. New curtains, check. New mug, check. Even though I did not need these two things I left feeling so accomplished for the day. What have you bought recently?