October Craze 2014

It's Turkey month! In October I was so busy I really didn't get to do much looking around. I am currently trying out a ton of face products so you will be getting a blog about that soon. What I did get back into, that I forgot how much I liked was filming videos for YouTube. If you aren't subscribed to my YouTube Channel make sure to head over and catch the new videos I have put up recently. What were people going crazy over in October? I have no clue, so if any new products came out please leave them in the comments. I wold love to start giving new products a try to get more reviews done for you all. The things I have been crazy over has to do with Halloween. I used my new Amazon Prime account for all shipping. Amazon Prime is hands down my new favorite because of the 2 day shipping. If you don't have it yet, get it! I even got some of my packages on a Sunday! I wrote a post about all the makeup I got for Halloween so make sure to check that out as well for more detailed photos. I ordered my first set of Mehron Cosmetics and fell absolutely in love! I purchased the clown white cream makeup, and the Paradise Basic Palette. These two are hands down the best body paints I've tried (I've been subject to Halloween store grease paint for YEARS).

Halloween| Nikki's Haven

When it comes to TV shows I am still loving Scandal, but I have added How to Get Away with Murder, and The Good Wife. Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are my guilty pleasures for sure, I get so excited when hey come on. Wine, popcorn, and a cuddly blanket is all I need on Thursday's, or date nights with my aunt and the TV. The Good Wife is my new show. I don't know how I have missed out on this show for so long. I caught up on all the season's via Comcast on Demand, and when I tell you I was a zombie for a couple of days, I'm not just talking about a costume. If you haven't seen this show, It is definitely a must see.