September Craze 2014

About time! It's finally fall and I can stop saying fall is right around the corner. I'm so excited for cooler weather. I already have had the chance to workout in the rain twice, which is so awesome. September screamed fall even in 80+ degree weather, and it didn't stop these Crazes from happening.

Trench Coats made there way onto all my favorite bloggers website's. Then I started to see a ton of them in stores. Well, if you need a trench coat this season you will definitely be able to find one. I've mainly seen the traditional beige color trench and I'm waiting for some colors to start to appear soon.

Dark lips, ooh dark vampy lips, I'm so glad you are back. Honestly, I love this trend every year. I tend to even wear it out of season. In September bloggers and vloggers were all over the new dark lip products hitting the stores. One that I saw a lot of was the Dose of Colors Berry Me mixed with MAC's Nightmoth Lip Pencil. To die for combo.

Dose of Colors Berry Me
Dose of Colors Berry Me

Image viaDose Of Colors

Halloween starts earlier each year. This year I got pulled in, and started planning for Halloween tutorials(get excited), I wasn't the only one though. Everyone was talking, shopping, and gearing up for this great October month! I saw plenty of fake eyelashes, makeup haul pictures, and creepy contacts make there way to instagram.


My favorites for September are a tad bit boring. No makeup, no skincare, and no clothes. Yeah I know lame, but I'm trying a ton of new things so I have a feeling that November will be heavy with beauty favorites. I loved how much I actually got done in September though. Lots of great ideas for October and the coming months. September for me was filled with websites and bloggers.

Fit Man Cook has been my go to site to find recipes! OMG if you don't get recipes from here you need to step up your game, like really. It's been my life saver these last couple weeks and I'm so happy that I found it. I meal prep every week, so having some place I can get healthy, but different recipes has saved my life! Go check it out if you are in need of new recipes.

Brooklyn Blonde & Cheetah is the New Black are my new muses. These ladies make me step out my box when it comes to fashion. They both have something I don't, and to me that's great! If you aren't following these two love ladies, go do it now! They bring me to say " I want that!" every time I see a new post. I am also excited because Alicia, of Cheetah is the New Black, is in the Bay Area! Can't wait to meet her at my Blogger Meet up!