My Naturally Curly Hair: 101

Hello and welcome to Natural Hair:101. Today in class we are going to go over the basics of natural hair haircare. Alright, alright lets be serious now. I wanted to all let you know how my hair has been doing since I chopped it off and what all I have learned about my hair. I thought I had my hair figured out before I chopped it off, but I was clearly wrong and want to share some new tips, tricks and information that has helped me maintain my tapered twa.

Hair Type

Before I cut my hair I was determined not to buy into the hair typing chart. This was mainly because all I cared about was having healthy hair. This lasted until the day I cut my hair and finally saw my actually curl pattern. Before I cut my hair I wasn't able to actually see my true curl pattern. Once cut I saw all my curls, and couldn't resist to type my hair. I decided to type my hair because I knew it would better help me find styling products to define and hold my type 4 hair.

Hair Composition

I also use to read about how the hair strand is structured and I thought that I had all the info until I started to research a little more. How your hair is composed determines what type of products will work for your hair. Figuring out the composition of my hair helped me see that I was using the wrong products to style my hair. I use the LOC method so my process of how I apply my product has not changed. The main thing that has changed is the products I use. Right now I am still in search of a holy grail leave in conditioner so I'm using my sub-par Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in. My hair is high in density, low in elasticity, low in porosity, and is fine.

My Go To Products

I posted a video about my current go to products, so go check that out to see what I've been using. I will be making a video soon on my whole "wash n go" routine soon.