Hello 25: Skincare Issues


I use to hear all the time that my skin would possibly change after I turned 25, but of course I never believed it. Well, I sure was wrong. Just over the last couple months my skin has turned on me. My once over active oily skin has taken a complete turn to what I once used to be envious for. I was graced with dry patches, sensitivity, acne breakouts, and blemishes galore. At the time my skin started to act up I chalked it up to me not eating the right way and not drinking enough water. I changed my diet back to my usual, and continued my skincare routine. After this seemed to fail, I added more to my skincare routine. I added all the things that had worked before, but I had just taken out of my routine. Well, yes you're right that didn't help either.

To my luck my skin is now dry. So my skincare routine must change, I need to find new products, and through feeling like a teenager all over again. I've decided to take you all on this journey to find a new skincare routine for my dry skin. If any of you have recommendations PLEASE leave them.