August Craze 2014

Another month gone and we're getting closer to fall. I'm excited for cooler weather, pumpkin carvings, and tons of sweets. August has been filled with lots of getting back on track with blog post, work, and coaching. Let's get into what August brought us!

Hello 1990s

I knew the 90s were going to show up this season and the coming season but I didn't expect to see so much of it. I felt like I was thrown in to Cher's Beverly Hills wonderland. I think I even caught myself say "As If" a couple times. The fashion and beauty community has embraced the chokers, ripped knee jeans, flannel shirt's tied around their waist, matte makeup and the ever so obsessed dark nude lip. The biggest celebrity to embrace this decade has hands down been Kylie Jenner.

My Favorites

So what was I loving this past month? Let's see; no 90s clothes, makeup, or hair dying for me. I did find pleasure in networking with some bloggers in the Bay Area. The blogging community in my neck of the woods is so massive and I never even knew it. If your in the Bay Area please say hi! I'm thinking about even coordinating a small get together for us bloggers.

On the beauty and vlogger front I have been in love with Jacyln Hill and Lustrelux. These ladies are my new favorite people. I act as if they were my real friends. I love watching their videos. I literally went on a full marathon of both of their channels this month. If you have yet to watch any of their videos go do it now! Promise you won't regret it.