DIY Dry Erase Weekly Agenda


I am all for having things organized and what better way then to make a weekly agenda. The best thing about having an agenda is that its simple to write down daily task and not forget them, but if you are anything like me, I never can remember to bring my paper agenda with me. Having this weekly agenda on my wall makes me have to look at it each day before I leave my room. This helps me remember what is coming up and what I have that day. So lets get in to the materials you are going to need.


  • 1 11x17in frame
  • 8 Different scrapbook sheets (you don't have to get 8 but if you want different patterns you do)
  • Ruler
  • Round label stickers
  • Tape or Glue
  • Pencil
  • Letter Stickers

First cut out your 8 Strips. I decided to make my strips 2 inches in width and 11 inches in length because my frame is 11in across.

Next is time to lay out the way you want you pattern to look. This took me a couple times before I found a pattern I liked.

Once you've done that tape or glue your paper strips to the back of the paper insert in your frame. I used tape just in case I wanted to change anything later down the road.

Once everything is in place go ahead and place your round label stickers on the left side of your strips. Make sure to start one strip down.

Now this next step is totally your preference. I start my weeks on Sunday so I started with an "S". I know others start their weeks on a Monday, so just pick which one you'd like to start with and put your sticker letters down.

Now once your done, put the glass back on, grab your dry erase maker and start planning your week. If you like you can even make two of these. One would be labeled "This Week" and the other would be labeled "Next Week."

Hope you all like this DIY project. If you decide to make it, make sure to send me a picture on my Instagram with the #nikkishavendiy. Happy creating!