May Craze 2014


Goodbye May, and hello June. Are you all excited as I am for the upcoming month? The sun is out longer, the skies are always a perfect Carolina Blue, and ooh June is my birthday month. Enough about next month, lets get into what was raved about this month. On the fashion side of May, there were a ton a cami dresses. I first thought, "hey, a lot of people are wearing cute spaghetti strap dresses." Then I went looking for one, and low and behold they are called Cami Dresses. These dresses are simple, fun and a great item to have this summer. The beauty craze for this month has to be a new foundation that I've seen a way more than a ton. All the beauty vloggers have done reviews and first impressions on the Bare Minerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. Yes, it's definitely a mouth full, but this foundation runs for $29.00 and is sold along side a very unique brush. Make sure to check out the video below.

My Favorites This past month I've been on a hair strike. I've literally told myself numerous time I'm going to chop my hair off. So instead of becoming more tempted to do so, I have not been doing anything to my hair. Also just being lazy was another reason I wasn't touching my hair. A week ago I decided it was time to wash my hair and take it out of it's ugly bun. My hair has grown probably 2 inches in a matter of 2months without doing a thing. I did cut those 2 inches off since my ends felt horrible. But this summer might be a low manipulation summer for sure.

I'm a lotion junkie and when I find a new one that I love I stick to it. This past month I've been obsessed with the Bath and Body Works Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss Body Lotion. It smells like straight heaven in a bottle and keeps me moisturized for hours. It's so bad I got a ton of bottles when they were on sale for $5. If you haven't been able to smell this fragrance make your way to your local Bath and Body Works. Since this is a seasonal scent it's almost gone. The Semi-Annual sale starts on the 9th though, so it should be in sale again.

I'm a sucker for Nike products. I guess you can say I'm a true loyal customer. This past year I've had a total of 4 running GPS watches. Mainly because my 1st two Nike GPS watches failed me terribly and broke. So I decided to go and get a Garmin. Low and behold they didn't meet my standards and I went back out to get another Nike watch. I'm again in love with my watch and I'm praying this one doesn't go and brake on me.

That's it for the month of May! I hope you all have had a great month. I know a lot of you are winding down with school, preparing for summer vacations and excited to get more free time. Be sure to look out for some fun summer post as well!