April Craze 2014

Another month gone and another month of me getting to explore fashion and beauty. I'm usually a big makeup and fashion person in the fall but so far this spring I've been obsessed with not wearing my running clothes 24/7. I have also seen that the more the weather turns for good the more fashion bloggers and beauty gurus are posting. I love new and fresh things and I'm excited for what is to come this summer but for now let's get into what everyone was crazy about this past month. This month I've seen so many people going out and buying new swim suits. Now with the weather well in the 80s and getting hotter it's definitely swim season. For all those who are still experiencing freak weather, my deepest apologizes, because it sucks to not have great weather. This past month one swim company has taken the cake; Triangl Swim Wear. Bloggers were sent these colorful neoprene swimsuits to die for and I'm definitely in need of one this spring/summer.

Another eyeshadow palette has hit the beauty community. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette has been all over blogs and on YouTube Guru's channels like crazy this month. The chocolate smelling palette is yet another great neutral palette, so if you haven't gone to check it out go do so. I can say I've swatched it in Ulta and the pigmentation is to die for.

Now what have I been loving? If you saw my currently obsessed with post from earlier this month you would have seen I'm in love with overalls. It's funny because I used to hate overalls when I was younger, but now I'm obsessed with how they look. My goal is to find a bunch at a thrift store and go to town on distressing, bleaching, and taking them in to fit properly.

I've been on a roll in the beauty department. I've been experimenting with my hair this month, but honestly I'm in that frustrated natural hair stage AGAIN. So this month I've tried a ton of new products. I'm absolutely in love with the Herbal Essence Co-Washing Conditioner. It makes my hair feel so great and it actually gets my hair clean. For $5 I have to say it's a great buy, and it has a pump.

Blogger Angelica Blick is just fab! My new favorite blogger to add to my list. This Swedish bombshell has been my inspiration all month. Her pictures are so effortless and styled to perfection. Even though she is younger than me she's definitely someone I want to be like when I "grow up". Go check out her blog and instagram, because she post the most amazing, captivating things you'll follow her in an instant.

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