Featured | Spring Cleaning FUN! via In My Own Style


It's that time of the year again. Spring is right around the corner and that means it's time to get the broom, mop, and duster. Sometimes spring cleaning can be overwhelming. So my tip to you is to section off your house into manageable areas. Doing this will make it easier for you to get the whole house done without it feeling like it's taking forever. Have fun and check out the featured post from In My own Style below to help you with spring cleaning ideas. I know, I know cleaning  yuck – O,  not fun,  but I have bunnies everywhere and I am not talking about Easter bunnies.  DUST bunnies under my desk, in the hall, the mudroom, and under the guest room bed. I need to clean!!!

Spring + Cleaning  just go together and when combined doesn’t just mean cleaning.  Spring Cleaning is also about purging, organizing, and feeling re-freshed when you are all done.  I know I need to do it, but  I need motivation to get me into “cleaning” mode and figured if I enlightened some of my senses I may just get excited,going.  Let’s start with sight.  I need some new supplies and found some at my local Dollar Store.  Black bucket with rope handle, 2 microfiber cloths,  green microfiber duster, Spic and Span, and a scrub brush all in delicious spring time – motivate me colors!  Visually I am set.