February Craze 2014

Another month gone in 2014. With February being the shortest month I feel like I haven't had the chance to experiment with products and fashion pieces. I have had the chance to browse the internet, window shop, and connect with a ton of great creative minds. So overall February has been great and I'm excited for what March holds, but let's get into all the hot crazes for this month. Fashion

Hello NYFW. The Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion week was definitely the most thing talked about this whole month. From everyone that went, wanted to go, and those who watched the live streams, fashion week was the thing everyone was obsessed with. The fall and winter 2014-15 lines are to die for. Go check out designers, as well as bloggers, and vloggers who got to experience fashion week in the snow globe of New York City. Maybe one day I'll find myself saying this is a favorite of mine to have attended. Go check out Claire Marshall's vlog series on NYFW to get an inside scoop.


Everyone must have been so wrapped up in fashion this past month that they totally forgot to talk and rave about what beauty products they were loving. I did happen to see a ton of beauty vloggers talking about the Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Mask Treatment. It was rated as Sephora's HOT NOW beauty product, and has won an award in ELLE's International Beauty Awards for 2014. With this being such a hyped product right not, I feel silly for not picking up the gift set around Christmas. I will say however, I am excited to run out and get this mask. I'm all for a great treatment.  If you have tried it make sure to leave a comment below telling everyone your thoughts on the Glam Glow products.

My Favorites

My it blogger for this month is hands down Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla. Yes ladies that's right I've been loving men's fashion this month. It helps that Adam is easy on the eyes, but he is a great source of inspiration when I am looking for my creative bottle of juice. Fellas, if you want some great tips on styling or just want to see someone who has a pretty sick Instagram then follow Adam. I promise you all will love him just as much as I do.

photo via IAMGALLA

So last month I didn't have a real fashion favorite and this month I have no beauty favorite. The spring bug has hit me hard. I'm in full gear of redoing my room, don't worry I am documenting everything for a big revamp post, and with that being said my dressers and closest got hit hard this month. I ever so often go through my clothes and see what I don't wear anymore so I can give it away. This month it went from I don't wear this to I will never wear this ever, what was I thinking. We all have those clothes that we don't want to give away, but I really sat down and looked at what I had. Trash it or keep it, that was the theme for this month. And boy did I trash a lot. My life is now really full of sweats and running clothes which means, I'm due for a shopping trip soon. How are you all going to be doing your spring cleaning this year?