Decorating Tips for Couples

When you finally move in or get a place with your mate the first thing is to determine what you both like to have in certain spaces of the house/apartment. The biggest problem most couples have is trying to compromise on items that fit both of their style preferences. Here are some tips to better help you make your space a home with the one you love. Pick a Color Scheme The first thing I tell people who ask me where to start when decorating a room or space is to pick a color scheme that you really like. When it comes to couples I say start with white or neutral and than pick a color or colors that they both like.

Go Shopping Together More Shopping together for couples can be a little overwhelming at times, but when you shop together more you learn the others likes and dislikes. This is great when it comes to shopping for the home. So try and go clothing, shoe, and furniture shopping together more.

Find Decor with Texture Texture makes a house a home. Finding items that bring in something different always makes a plain living room or bedroom have a little more life. Look for decor that has patterns, or different types of fabric that appeal to you both. Another texture idea can even go into the idea of lines of furniture or accents placed on furniture.

Make Inspiration Boards Since many couples have such a wide range of difference when it comes to design, making inspiration boards will help distinguish likes. After making a choice on a color scheme, both of you should sit down individually and make your own boards. Pick items that you like and that goes well with the color scheme. Once done sit down and look over each board. Find similarities in items, or find items that will work well together from each board.

Find an Even Balance  Sometimes it's just about finding an even balance of masculine and feminine. Find soft lined furniture with leather accents, or simple lined furniture in rich feminine fabric/color. Have fun with this balance and try not to over power one decor theme with the other.