2014 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

It's that time of the year again. I'm excited for Spring and Summer and all the great things that it holds. For me it's my competitive track season, my birthday, and just time for fun in the sun. Even though Spring and Summer are not my favorite seasons when it comes to weather and clothes, I'm a layering queen in the Fall, I still love the simplicity Spring and Summer brings. This year there have been a couple of trends that have caught my eye. BLACK & WHITE Hello again black and white. The classic combo is back this Spring and Summer and in a new way. Yes, you will still see the standard pairings of black and white but this year we are going to be blessed with prints and geometric patterns. What better way to spice up black and white than adding Zebra or Cow prints. Have fun with this one this spring.

PEASANT/BOHEMIAN Every time I think of this trend for this year I think of the 70's. Being very free and happy is all I care about. To me there is no better trend for this Spring and Summer. Light fabrics, flowing garments, and big hats, what more can you ask for. The place I will be turning to for my pieces this season will defiantly be Threadsence.

COLORS Pastels are a given in the Spring and Summer so that trend didn't impress me much, but what did was how much yellow, tangerine and blue I saw throughout many different designers collections. I guess it means I have to find a way to like yellow and tangerine if I am going to see it so much this season.

SLOGAN TOPS I remember when graphic tees were a craze back in my high school days. I had plenty that had sayings all over them. Well this time around I won't look so cheesy. No glitter, no bright pink shirt, and no cheesy sayings. Slogan tops are huge this season. From crew neck sweaters to crop tops, you'll find a hip and simple slogan worth wearing. Yes I will be picking on up. I have to relive the good ol' days somehow.