Beauty Quick Tip: Minimize Pores


Since I missed Thursday's post I wanted to make sure you all got your dose of beauty this week. So here's a quick beauty tip.

Alright ladies. Us oily girls tend to have larger pores, and we search and search for products to keep our skin from being overly "dewy" looking. Most of us go out and buy primers that say they will shrink our pore size, when in fact all it is mainly doing is blurring, or filling in our pores with product. Clogged pores produce acne and more production of oil.

Here's your beauty quick tip. After washing your face with warm water, take an ice cube and run it on the areas you tend to have larger pores. This will close your pores and decrease the size of them. Pat your face dry and continue with your regular face routine! Hope you all love the tip! See ya Monday!