January Craze 2014

It's the first craze post of 2014, and I'm excited to tell you all what I've been loving so far. Let's not forget that with the new year comes new products, new trends and just a whole lot of things to be excited about. So let's get into what everyone was loving.


The new Maybelline Baby Skin Face Primer has been flying off the shelves and vloggers all over have been talking about it. Maybelline Baby Skin is definitely attracting all the Baby Lips lovers but unfortunately I have yet to get either. One I'm a die hard Rose Salve junkie and I'm currently testing out another primer. But of course I am leaving a review below so you all can Make your own choice.


Boy is spring already here? This past month or so I've seen a ton of floral print and a ton of boyfriend jeans. I couldn't pick which one I had seen the most, so it's a tie for this month. Floral prints have been put out by all retailers in preparation for their full spring lines which are about to come out. What more can I say. Floral has always been an hit but this year it's every where; jackets, tees, shoes, and so much more. Grab some now if you don't have any in your closet. When it comes to jeans, boyfriend jeans are always essential in a women's wardrobe. Classic blue, distressed and cuffed. Dress them up or dress them down on a casual day. Now I might need to go get some more after this post.


There have been quite a few things I have loved this month. Since my last craze was about my yearly favorites some of these things I started loving in December.

When it comes to the blogger/vlogger it have been obsessed with I only thought of one person. The lovely Mr. Kate on YouTube has hands down been my favorite. She's spunky, super creative and has been sending my mind into interior design overdrive. If you haven't heard of her and you're looking to find some creative and fun DIY projects look no further, go check her out.

Ooh I'm in a constant struggle with what I want to do with my hair all the time. So this past month I decided to go ahead and straighten my hair. For me it's not a big deal when I straighten my hair since I rarely do it and I have yet to experience any heat damage. I can say that I'm dying to get a new flat iron though. I had a J of Beverly Hills straightener until it died on me and I had to get a Revlon one. Don't get me wrong my Revlon flat iron works, but I know there is better.


I have found it ladies! My signature scent has been a long overdue problem that I have been trying to solve for years. I have had favorites but moved on, but with Dot by Marc Jacobs I am never turning back. We all know how much I suck at describing scents but this reminds me of something sweet yet mysterious. It fits me to a perfect tee. If you haven't smell this go and do it right now!


Yes it's been another month for me in sweats,hoodies and running clothes. It's been absolutely beautiful out here in Northern California but I have not taken advantage of it. My life is my job, which is running so, hence the running attire. Ooh but look what we have here. I ran across the new Nike SB Stefan Janoski Max and fell completely in love. The monochromatic upper and speckled sole is calling my name. I will own these and a pair in Navy and Grey! I think I've found my new non-running shoe favorite.


What were some of your favorites this month? Leave them in the comments below! Maybe it will end up my favorite next month.