Orchid Kisses

Welcome to 2014 where there are new possibilities, fun adventures and where you are graced with endless day's, actually only 365, to be creative. Each year I'm excited to learn what the Pantone color of the year is. It's a big influence through out the year in almost about everything we will see. Home decor, fashion ads, new beauty products, department stores and your favorite street-style bloggers will use this years color as inspiration. This year it is Radiant Orchid. Purple, what many of mainstream media will call it, is hand down my favorite color of all time! So when I found out this color was the IT color I almost cried. No really I am most did, okay I'm just playing. It did make me want to go return my paint and fabric I purchased for my new room, but I refrained and just decided to make you all this inspirational image. I hope it inspires you to create with something a little different and out of your comfort zone this year.

2014 color of the year