"I Woke Up Like Dis.." Beyonce sets Bar High

Beyonce visual album

Did you think I was going to miss out on all the fun and excitement everyone is talking about. Sorry, no way because I'm just as addicted to Beyoncé's new self-titled visual album like everyone else. Now let's get into my thoughts or review, more so, of the album as a whole.

As a whole, Beyoncé's visual album screams hit. The songs were created with a lot of thought behind them. This is something I believe needed to be created in popular culture today. We have so many artist who put out music based on what will be a hit, what will sell for them and forget about the message or feel they want their fans to receive. Beyoncé talks about the journey behind the album on her YouTube Channel. If you haven't seen these videos go watch! You see that she just wanted to be free, have fun, and make music that told a story. Something I can appreciate as a creative person, is that every video that is paired with a song is vivid and full of life. I can admit I watched the videos first before just listening to the song. I wanted her vision of the song along with the words for a better understanding of what Beyoncé was trying to say. If you haven't gotten the album what are you waiting for. It is currently avalible on iTunes as well as in stores, as a double disc. 

My favorite songs at the moment are, 'Drunk in Love', 'Yoncé', 'Partition', 'XO', and '***Flawless'. What are some of your favorites?