Curly Hair Must | The LOC Method

Nikki's Haven Station The LOC Method

The LOC Method is something I found out about after a tiring effort to get my hair to hold moisture last winter. I was doing everything I thought I could possibly do to keep my hair moisturized but my hair was still asking for more. It was brittle, dry and starting to shed more than what I would have liked. Thank you to the many Youtube videos and curly hair forums that educated me on what to do to keep my hair moisturized during these cold months. So if you are going through the same thing here you go. It's pretty simple, LOC stands for Leave in conditioner, Oil and Cream. The name itself makes it so easy to remember which comes first and what comes next. What makes this method a little different than others is the order that you put the product on your hair will maximize moisture retention. The moisture (leave in conditioner) that you put in your hair is being sealed in by two products that are excellent at sealing: Oil and Butter. Both oil and butter create a layer along the hair shaft that prevent water from being evaporated, causing our hair to become thirsty and dry.

Now you don't need to go out and buy new products for this method. You are probably already using them in your routine, now it's just about changing the order you are using them. Let's get into how easy this method is with the steps below:


Step 1: Apply a water based leave in conditioner to cleansed hair.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of the oil of your choice to help lock in moisture.

Step 3: Apply a butter based/creamy moisturizer to help further seal moisture in.

Once you're done go ahead and style your hair as you would normally. Now I can say that there is a trial and error to this method like many of the things us curly girls try. When I first started this method I would get very weighed down curls, which made me have to use my cream sparingly. So don't be discouraged when you first try the method and  it doesn't go perfectly.