Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

Happy Holiday's! I wanted to break up my gift guide for all you who actually wanted to be able to send the links and not have to have your gifter search through a ton of gifts. I honestly love shopping for the men in my life. To me they are a little more easier to shop for. Now from time to time I do get stuck and have to ask around, but this is a list put together by me and a couple of men in my life. They were a great help with gift ideas that would work for any of the men in your life. The men's version of a purse is typically a backpack; they use it for everything you can think of. The hottest backpack on the market is the Herschel Supply backpack. The backpack's themselves range from $55 to $100 but they are the best backpacks I have seen. I honestly want one for myself. They are made to last and hold a lot of weight, so for that brother who doesn't want to pack a duffle bag to travel out of town this is perfect. It is also great for the student in your life, since books nowadays weigh literally a ton.

herschel supply backpack

For the music addict man in your life, a new pair of headphones is the best gift. Beats by Dre have the best headphones and earbuds on the market for the music addict, artist, producer or creator. You can find them at Best Buy in an array of colors and styles ranging from $100 to $300. Make sure to stop into the store to try them out for yourself to see which one's your man will love the most. 

beats by dre solo
gucci guilty gift

A fragrance for a man is a lot easier to get then for a woman because, they aren't to "nose" picky. If it smells good and the lady in their life loves it, then you don't have to worry. Now I am a little biased and I love the Gucci GUILTY for him. To me it's a fragrance that is pretty universal  for men. Now if you know what fragrance he likes than definitely get that one, but if he's looking for a new one stop by Macy's and get the Gucci GUILTY gift set for him. The gift set is $100, but has a value of $140. Also if you have the RetailMeNot app for smartphones than most likely you will find a Macy's coupon. 

holiday gift guide

The men in my life are notorious for never having a fully charged cell phone. You will always hear, "well my phone died," or "I can't find my charger, can I use your's?"  A portable charger is that gift I wish I would of put on my list this holiday, but instead I am making sure the men in our lives don't take our chargers. There are plenty on the market that are covers for your phone, solar charging panels, and even USB forms. You can find an array of these on the internet and in stores. I found this one on Amazon for $20 and it can charge multiple items with just a switch of a USB cord. 

holday gift guide

This last gift was a little harder for me to think of by myself. I just didn't know what other gifts to talk about, because when it comes to clothes and shoes for men things start going in different directions. Every man has a different taste in fashion so I thought the safest bet was to either get him a gift card to his favorite store or just get the man a tablet. Yes a tablet, it's probably one of the most sought out Christmas gift for everyone. Now tablets range anywhere from $100 to $600 depending on what brand and what features you want. I am a tad bit biased with this gift choice because I am an Apple user. The iPad and iPad Mini is to me the best tablets on the market. They are a lot more pricier than other competitors but I haven't heard anything bad about them either.