Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

We have all been at that point during the holiday season where we just don't know what to get someone; either it be a sister, aunt, mom, or significant other. I thought I would give you all some inspiration. Make sure to go check out my Holiday Gift Guide for Him that posted today as well. The Clarisonic or the Olay Pro-X are great gifts for the lady in your life. Now the Clarisonic and Clarisonic Mia are on the pricey side ($150), but they are the top rated facial tools on the market. They come in an array of colors, have different brush heads, and the Mia is awesome for travel. The Olay Cleanser is the cheaper alternative to the Clarisonic and Clarisonic Mia with it ringing up at $29.99. With it being the holiday's you will find both items that come with sample size facial cleanser in cute gift sets. The Clarisonic's can be found at Sephora, while the Olay Pro-X can be found at your local Walgreens or other drugstores.

holiday gifts for her

What lady doesn't like snapping pictures of friends, family and the even of herself with the occasional #selfie. We love our digital cameras and cell phones but what happened to the instant gratification of getting the picture right there in your hand after you take it. The Polaroid camera is back and so much more fun than it once was. The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera brings back so many memories of the old snap and shake that any one would love it, and for the new generation that only knows digital cameras and cell phones will have fun with the "new" idea of getting their pictures instantly.

holiday gifts for her

Perfume buying can be tricky when you walk up to a perfume counter. If you already know her favorite perfume you are one step ahead, but if this is a hard choice still to make pick up the Travalo. This compact fragrance spray holder is great for travel and also just for her to keep her fragrance in her purse at all times. It comes in a variety of colors as well as styles. A definite can't go wrong gift her her.

holiday gifts for her

She's out after a long day of running errands, going to school, or she's just to busy to charge her phone before leaving the house and her phone dies on her. We all hate the dreaded 10% on our phones, especially if you have a smartphone. A portable charger is a gift I wish I would of put on my list this holiday. There are plenty on the market that are covers for your phone, solar charging panels, and even USB forms. You can find an array of these on the internet and in stores. I found this one on Amazon for $20 and it can charge multiple items with just a switch of a USB cord. 

holiday gift guide

I hate putting my purse on the ground when I go any where. I tend to either put it on the table in front of me, on the chair, but it mainly goes in my lap. If the lady in your life is the same way a great gift for her would be this dandy purse hanger. These little things are to die for and come in cute designs. Again a great way to make sure that expensive purse is safe and not touching the dirty ground. I found this one on Amazon for $15 and you can get her more then one.