"My Hair Won't Grow"

I have heard this phrase my whole life, but particularly a lot these last couple of months. A lot of women believe that their hair just never grows and always stays the same length. Now, many different ethnicities have said this phrase, but the main group that makes me a tad more upset is the African American community. Let's get things straight. EVERYONE'S hair grows, either it be natural, relaxed, dyed, curly, straight, wavy, and etc. When I see people say "My hair just doesn't grow" or say "You know our hair doesn't grow that fast" (referring to African American hair), it really just makes be upset. The lack of knowledge that people have with hair and haircare is just unacceptable. So I wanted to inform you all some things that make your hair seem like it's not growing and how you can retain your length to see growth.

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Damage is one of the main reasons why your hair doesn't seem like it's growing. For those of you who have relaxed hair or some type of chemical in your hair you can see your growth. New growth, root grow out, and etc is showing you that your hair is growing. Now the problem is that the chemicals in your hair are drying out your hair strands. Dry hair leads to breakage. There goes that 1/4 or 1/2 of inch that you just grew in a matter of a month. Another reason behind damage is heat usage. We are so conditioned to straightening our hair to "fit" into society we don't see that we are wrecking havoc on our hair. Excessive heat usage leads to again dry, thirsty hair, and split ends.

The next reason for your hair not retaining length is simply, you aren't taking care of it as you should. I go into things you should try to avoid or use less of in my post Tips for Growing Out Your Hair so definitely look at that post to see what you can do to better help retain your growth. I will tell you some of the things you can add to your routine to help keep your hair moisturized.

Try to add deep conditioning to your weekly routine. Either this be a Hot Oil Treatment or your favorite hair mask, choose something that your hair loves and puts moisture back into those dry strands. You can find plenty of drugstore hair mask that are great, or go to your local beauty store. Another great option for deep conditioners and hair mask is to check out DIY hair mask from all natural goodies right in your kitchen.

Try to start using less heat on your hair. I know this can be hard, with some of us who workout, have jobs that we want to look presentable for, and many other reasons. There are plenty of ways to keep your hair straight without putting anymore heat on your hair after the initial heat usage for the week. There are also heatless styles that leave your hair looking like you spent hours in the salon to get it curly or straight. One of my favorite heatless options are Curlformers, but check out MoKnowsHair on Youtube. She has great hair tutorials for those who want to take better care of their hair.

I hope that these tips helped you all, as well as helping you to better understand that your hair does grow. I want the generations under us lovely women to understand that hair doesn't make them but it enhances the natural beauty they already have. Remind your daughters, nieces, and friends that their hair is beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks.