My Month Long Hair Challenge

This past month I have taken on the challenge to take better care of my hair. It's cold and rainy out and my hair tends to get so dry around this time of year. I usually have weave or braids in but I have yet to get either done. So I challenged myself to add an oil treatment once a week along with my regular co-wash and deep conditioning routine. I usually only do a oil treatment once a month, so to go from that to once a week I thought it was going to be a challenge in itself. My hair is thick and very coily, some would say I have type 4 hair. I really don't follow hair types because I have different curl patterns all over and I still consider my hair pretty damaged. So this is what I have been doing so far this month.


My challenge includes:

Oil treatment: I do this either sunday or monday. With my schedule I tend to have done it on Sunday's this month. I have kept the oil in my hair over night (Sunday to Monday) to get a better treatment. I have been obsessed with my coconut oil and Vitamin E oil.

I take a few drops of Vitamin E oil on my finger tips and gently massage into my scalp. Vitamin E oil is great for your hair and scalp. Vitamin E is said to make your hair shiny and damage free. Also with massaging it into your scalp you stimulate the hair follicle which promotes hair growth.

After I have massaged the Vitamin E oil into my scalp for about 5 minutes, I go in with coconut oil. I massage this on my scalp and then put it on my hair from mid-shaft to my ends. Coconut oil is another awesome oil that promotes hair growth. Check out my Oil Treatment's post if you want to know all the benefits.

Once my hair is coated in oil I put my hair into a high bun and put on a plastic bag. I have way to much hair to try to use a plastic shower cap. By using some sort of plastic cap, plastic bag, or even plastic wrap, you are allowing the heat from your scalp to not escape. This create's a nice hot oil treatment without having to heat up the oil before hand. I leave this on my head anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.

After my time is up I wash out the oil. Now the first time I did this it literally took me FOREVER to get all the oil out of my hair. Since virgin coconut oil solidifies in temperatures of under 75 degrees, I have to use warmer water than usual get it out of my hair. I wash it out with conditioner and my ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse. I detangle and style as usual after.

Co-wash & Deep condition: I normally co-wash and deep condition my hair separately once a week, but like I said this cold weather has my hair looking and feeling quenched. So what I have been doing is just combining the two to get that extra moisture back in my hair. There isn't much to say about how I do this process. I co-wash with my Trader Joe's Tee Tree Conditioner twice while in the shower. The second time I detangle with my finger than go in with my denman brush. After I'm done co-washing I put in my deep conditioner. Now which deep conditioner I use just depends on my mood. I mainly use my Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner or I use Tresemme Naturals Conditioner, honey, and a few drops of vitamin E oil. I rinse my hair with cold water, twist my hair and let hair dry.

I have been loving this so far this month and only hair a couple my days to go. I might just make this my regular routine. I'm happy to say my hair feels better than every. What is your favorite way to keep your hair moisturized during the cold fall and winter months?