DIY Dry-Erase Decor

DIY Dry Erase- Nikki's Haven

I'm excited to get this one out to you all. I have been thinking about doing this DIY dry erase frame project for a while. Since this is the first frame in my command center DIY workspace revamp I thought no one else I would share it with other than all my lovely followers. My command center and workspace will be featured in upcoming winter post.

For this project you will need:

  • 1'' Poster Letters
  • A frame of your size choice
  • Scrapbook Paper of your color choice
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • dry erase markers & eraser
  • command hooks
DIY Dry Erase - Nikki's Haven

 The first step is to take your frame apart. Now I could of measured my scrapbook paper to fit my frame, but I couldn't find my ruler so I used the insert in the frame to make sure that my paper was the right size. Here all you need to do is trace the outline of the insert and cut off the extra.

DIY Dry Erase - Nikki's Haven

The second step is easy peasy. I just took my glue stick and glued the pieces of scrapbook paper to the insert. This I wanted to make sure that if I ever wanted to change the colors it would be easy to take apart. You can glue it to the back of the frame but it will be harder to remove if you ever want to change the colors.

 Third is putting your letters on. This is the fun part. Here you can put whatever you want to put. Since these letters are easy to move around and don't stick like glue it's also easy to change what you want it to say. Since this will be my to-do and small inspirational quotes board I am fine with it saying 'Notes' and 'To-Do'. You can even put this in your kitchen and make it a grocery list if you choose.

Now it's time to bout your frame back together and hang it up on your wall. For all those who don't want to put holes in your wall, go ahead and use your command hooks to hang them. I used command hooks all through college. I love those things. I even took one command sticky and used it to hold my dry erase marker. What a great way not to lose that pesky marker.

Have fun with this. I would love to see if you all choose to make your own. Tweet me a picture and hashtag it at #DIYHAVEN.